Monday, 27 July 2015

How i got Started

I i'm lazyboybeatbox and this is how i started 

beatboxing.It was 2008 i was 14 years old in 

school making random sounds on a microphone in a 

music lesson wen i herd a beatboxer in the next 

room b,t,k,tk,tk,b,k. That was the first beatboxer i 

have ever herd i didn't even no what beatboxing was 

so i thought "ok lets c if i can do that b,t,k,tk,tk,bk". 

so out comes the other beatboxer that was 2 years 

older then me "Hi buddy that was good what your 

name" "Dan i you replyed  " "AJ" he sed and thats 

how i learnt what beatboxing was and that i cud do 

it. I will tall you more about my self very soon and if 

you wont to no ways to beatbox leave a comment and 

i will right beatbox for e.g b,k,bk,b,bk,b,k that is drum and bass that is my way of righting it.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


PLEAS FEEL FREE TO ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS or tall me what you wont me to beatbox for you and i will give you a shout out how dose that sound. So if you have a youtube channel and you wood like a sub bust just tall me what you wont and ill make it happen ;-)